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Perform at the Taproom

The Taproom is a small but perfectly formed space for perfomance. Holds about 80 at a squeeze and we appreciate all performers in any genre which does not rely n sheer volume for effect! Folk, alt folk, roots, jazz, blues, country, alt country, bluegrass, rockabilly, soft rock, soul, and all areas between the boundaries. We have a small stage with an excellent vocal PA and we don’t generally mic amps or drums. We love music here and we never charge in on the door. We know what circuit venues are like, and we know we don’t want our place to ever get like that.

The room is intimate and intense, and sounds great and we aim to showcase local and emerging talent and some who have been around for quite a time and give continuing satisfaction. We’re completely independent and have no live music budget as many brewery supported venues have. In combination with a no door charge policy, it leaves us with not a lot of money to play with but we make up for it by supplying a top line vocal PA, providing liquid refreshment for musicians, and generally treating bands with the kind of respect that we’d expect when playing ourselves.

If you’d like to be considered to play here contact us at the email address: with a link to a soundcloud, facebook, youtube or myspace site where we can hear what you do. Please don’t send any cd’s.

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Call now on 01924 473223 or email


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